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The Gift Givers

The Gift Givers

It’s spring. The flowers are blooming and the trees are coming back to life. And, with all of this rebirth comes the emergence of bugs. Lots of them. Kitties tend to love chasing these creatures, especially the junpy ones. And, of course, being the loving animals that they are, they will bring their new toys to share with you. With pride. And when you least expect it. Like many people, I do not care to have crickets and cicadas brought into the house but I also do not want to disappoint kitties and hurt their feelings by not accepting their gifts.

 So far, I have not found any substitute that can match the “exuberance” of a real, live insect but there are a few toys that come close. We do not sell any of those toys but we do have an ideal cat toy  to complement them: a cat tunnel. Cat tunnels are a great hiding place for those “insects.” When kitty brings you one of the fake, much-less-creepy versions you can say Thank You sincerely then put your prize safely in a cat tunnel for your cats to enjoy and repurpose as a gift to you once more. Cat tunnel beds can also be toy bug hiding spots and storage. A cat tunnel is a great place for all of the smaller toys. A cat tunnel will keep kitties’ favorite toys accessible while keeping your home just a bit neater.  

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