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Living With Cats in Small Spaces

Living With Cats in Small Spaces

Cats can be the perfect companions when living in a small space. Well, some cats are and some simply do not belong caged in a condo all day long. Those that don’t will not disguise their displeasure and it’s up to you to either move or find a family that’s a better fit.

 For those who have a kitty in the family that enjoys close quarters with them, keep in mind that you can increase the square footage they use daily. We all know that regular exercise is important and that no one has the power to make a cat do something they don’t want to do. So, we can make the exercise fun for kitties and something they want to do. Yes, I am talking about cat tunnels! They are boxy so they will not roll around and block the path of the humans in the family. You can place them against the walls, creating new, longer routes for kitty to get from bed to food (the most important spots in the home). Start the route with a cat tunnel bed, extend it with a cat tunnel runway, then end at the cat tunnel feeding cave. Kitty will have to take many more steps than if she had a direct path from bed to food.

 Cat tunnels throughout the home also provide a great storage place for toys. Any item out of place in a small space makes your home look messy. Muggins & Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels provide clean (and attractive) spaces where the toys can be put away yet, entirely accessible to the feline family members. And, as always, these cat tunnels are the perfect alternative to testing those kitty claws on the furniture.

 Cat tunnel bed, cat tunnel race track and cat tunnel hideaway for the meowing members of the family.

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