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Frequently asked questions

How long should the cat tunnel last?
Muggins & Bluebelle's cat tunnels can last for a few years.
Is the cat tunnel safe for my cat to scratch and bite?
My cats bite and scratch them frequently and they are holding up just fine. And they played with, bit and scratched the prototypes for more than three years and they held up well also. If someone has a lot of cats they will not last as long.
Will the tunnel collapse if my cat is on top? Is there a weight limit?
Yes, there is a weight limit. Cats approximately 9 pounds or less can lounge/relax comfortably on top of the tunnel. Larger cats will collapse the tunnel but average-sized and smaller cats will not.
Can I create additional configurations?
Yes, however only horizontal configurations can be created and they are fully interlocking so a person could buy 2 or more sets to build a maze for their cats.