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Nadia McFarlane

Muggins & Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels were designed with all cats in mind. Nadia McFarlane, who created the tunnels, is an animal lover who has been a companion to many cats for decades. She could not find the one thing all of her cats loved so she stopped looking for it and made it instead. She has shared her life and home with kittens, adult cats, senior cats, shy ones, and outgoing kitties. All of them, without exception, love playing with box tunnels more than anything else. Over the years, Nadia made many makeshift tunnels that all of her furry companions used in their own way. Some ran in and out, others put their claws to work and a couple simply wanted a safe hiding place. Then, one day, Nadia got tired of replacing boxes and rigging them to stay together and propping them up. She also got tired of seeing what looked like garbage as a constant fixture in her home. She did not want to deny her cats their favorite toy, but no one made a version of it that her cats enjoyed as much as the box tunnels. She got tired of waiting and that was when Muggins & Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels were born. Inspired by her beloved cats, Muggins, Sodie, Happy, Bluebelle, and Laila, Nadia created these cat tunnels to provide her cats with a safe and fun place to play. The tunnels are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble as well as give cats a home of their own that they can scratch all over. Nadia hopes that these cat tunnels will bring joy to other cat lovers and their furry friends. Muggins and Bluebelle are two kitties that joined the same family, years apart. They came from different places and never met one another, but each arrived in this world with a beautiful, amazing, and loving spirit.

Meet Our Inspiration (Nadia’s Cats)


Muggins was born in a shelter in Mercer Island, Washington with the same physical defects her mother had. She was not expected to live and was scheduled to be euthanized. Nadia did not know this when she picked her up, put her in her pocket (she was tiny) and played with Muggins with her fingers. Nadia managed to convince the staff at the shelter to let her have Muggins because she knew that they belonged to each other. Over the years, Nadia and Muggins had their fair share of trips to the hospital, but Nadia promises that Muggins never suffered. Muggins shared her sweet, perfect soul with Nadia and her family for 15 years, two months and one morning.

Meet Our Inspiration (Nadia’s Cats)


Sodie came from the same shelter as Muggins. He did not start life in the best of health but, a few surgeries later, he was able to live at home comfortably. Sodie was a quiet gentleman. He did not take to strangers, always keeping an eye on any visitors from a distance. He was giant ball of fluff, constantly ready for a full-body massage or a belly to sleep on.

Meet Our Inspiration (Nadia’s Cats)


Happy was a stray cat that found his way to Nadia's home and invited himself inside. Happy thoroughly enjoyed tipping over his water dispenser every chance he got. Happy was always ready to play with Muggins and Sodie, whether they wanted to or not. Happy was also Nadia’s pillow for many years and sometimes she was his.

Meet Our Inspiration (Nadia’s Cats)


Bluebelle was rescued by a shelter in Washington, DC. She is a fierce defender of her family. She is absolutely a lady but she knows how to command the respect of anyone who enters her home, claws out, as needed. Bluebelle’s best quality though, is the care and attention she gives to Laila, the newest member of the family. Bluebelle takes care of the whole family and keeps them all in line.

Meet Our Inspiration (Nadia’s Cats)


Laila was found in an abandoned house. She is playful and curious and loves to explore her new home. Laila is still cautious at times but she has mastered the art of sleeping in the very center of the bed and has claimed the most comfortable seats in the house as her own.