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Welcome to Muggins & Bluebelle’s™ Cat Tunnels and thank you for visiting. As you already know, kitties are the best, each and every one of them. You also know they need a place to call their very own. We are proud to present a cat tunnel like no other for the world's best companions.

The only thing a cat loves more than one box is many boxes, all in a row, for them to run through, hide in, or scratch to their heart's content. These tunnels are sturdy, they stay put, they do not roll around or collapse. They are interlocking so your tunnel can be long, short, angled or turned into a maze. Kitties can run right through or step in or out between each box, without disconnecting the tunnel. Those kitty claws also get a workout. The cat tunnels are an enticing alternative to scratching the furniture. They look so much better than cardboard boxes that they do not need to be hidden from company. These tunnels are kitty-approved, by all kitties, every single time. And for the shy kitties in a new home they provide a safe vantage point to observe their new world without being seen. We hope you love them as much as we do!