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Hibernating on the Snow Days

Hibernating on the Snow Days

Over the past few weeks we have all been inside, keeping warm. Of course, if you have a cat or two, they have probably been snuggled away while we ride out the cold, gray, snowy days. On days like this a cat play tunnel becomes a cat tunnel bed. If your cats are anything like mine, they have long abandoned their nocturnal ways and treat all degrees of darkness like an invitation to sleep. Indoor cat tunnels are no longer the domain of the hunter, looking for his next purple plush toy. Those play tunnels for cats become places to sleep – quiet spots to avoid what little daylight there is.

 Then the skies clear and the sun returns. The hibernation chambers become cat play tunnels once more and kitties start running right through them again. Their claws regain life and every part of the tunnel is fair game. Scratch and bite those tunnels, dear kitties, it’s time to get back to the business of playing.

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