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Keep a Safe Space Safe

Keep a Safe Space Safe

Wherever you designate as your cat’s place to hide, make sure you do not have to move it frequently and it is not in the path of foot traffic. Whether it be behind the books on the shelf, between the storage boxes under the bed or, our favorite place, a cat tunnel, keep it non-moving and quiet. When your cat is in his safe space do not move the objects around it. For instance, if it’s on a bookshelf, make sure the kitty space is behind books you do not read often. If it’s in a basket or a cat tunnel, do not place the safe space where anyone will walk too close to it or bump into it. And never pick up the safe space and move it with the occupant inside.

Safe spaces are especially important for cats brought home from a shelter. They often carry trauma with them and need as much stability and predictability as possible. In the same way that they should be fed at the same times each day, so too should they be reassured that their resting places also remain constant. This supports their sense of safety which, in turn, helps to reduce anxiety and foster a sense of belonging. Of course, we recommend a Muggins & Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnel as the best place for your cat to hide, play and scratch.

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