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Moving to a New Home With Kitties

Moving to a New Home With Kitties
Like everyone else in the family, cats need time to adapt to change. When moving to a new home keep in mind that packing your belongings in advance of the move will probably affect your cats negatively. Their surroundings are being changed and they do not know why. Many of their hiding places are being removed and all the items that were the scenery of their lives are gone. They will want to hide from all of this commotion so give them a retreat. Clear a spot among all the boxes and place a cat tunnel there. Kitties will especially appreciate this coming to the end of the packing, just before the move. At that point there will be nowhere to hide. And, as if all of those changes weren’t more than enough to have to contend with, now there will be strangers moving in and out, taking all of kitties’ belongings with them. Keep a cat tunnel in an empty room for the cats to have a safe space to ride out the move. Similarly, set up a cat tunnel in the new home before taking your cats there. It will be a familiar place for them to find refuge. Once they are ready they will come out and explore their new home.

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