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Laila is Afraid of the New Water Dispenser

Laila is Afraid of the New Water Dispenser

The water container has never been a neutral item in our house. Muggins preferred a bowl but Sodie would tip it over with his paws so we compromised on a dispenser with a bowl. Happy came into the picture and immediately started running then catapulting himself onto anything on the floor that wasn’t too heavy. Almost as if his paws were some sort of four-pronged slingshot, all acting in unison. He toppled plants, tables and the water dispenser. Every time I re-filled it he would bring it down again. So, we graduated to a two-gallon bucket. After days of constant vigilance and what turned out to be unfounded fear, no one fell in. They all seemed perfectly fine with sipping from the bucket.

After Happy passed away I decided to try using a bowl again. There were no objections from Bluebelle or Laila and we collectively entered an era of hydration contentment. Until…it occurred to me one day that I would prefer if kitties’ water was filtered. Enter the water dispenser, with filter. Bluebelle took to it like a champ but Laila is afraid of the dispenser. It has been passively sitting there, waiting for her approval for a couple weeks now but her skepticism seems to only increase with time. Who knows? Maybe she has a preference for tap water.


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