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Cats Come With Claws

Cats Come With Claws

Recently, I was reminded that not everyone knows that cats scratch instinctively and that it is a normal part of their behavior. I spent an afternoon chatting with a friend who has always had canine companions. At the time, she was taking care of a friend’s cat and was horrified that kitty was allowed to scratch the sofa, at will. Well, scratching is what they do. They scratch for many reasons, like removing the dead outer layer of their claws or when they are stretching. Sometimes it is how they express happiness or stress or they just may be leaving their scent around their home. You’ll know why once you get to know your cat.

I am sure there is someone somewhere who guarantees that they can train this behavior out of cats. Even if this was possible, I don’t see how it would be helpful to the cat. Scratching is what they do. It is one of the behaviors that makes them cats. Instead of trying to change it, adapt to it. Kudos to all the cat parents and cat companions whose furniture reflects their acceptance of kitties just as they are. And for the fancy-furniture crowd, you guessed it: a cat tunnel. Muggins & Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are designed for scratching. And biting. And more scratching. Once your cat is done scratching one side you can turn it over so the other side is on the floor and they can work their claws some more. The tunnel will not be destroyed, just scratched.

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