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Bringing Your First Cat Home

Bringing Your First Cat Home

Maybe you have been wanting to get a cat for a long time. You may have been hesitant to take the leap because of the stories you’ve heard about cats: they’re temperamental; they’re too aloof to love you back; they take ownership of the house and you become their staff. While this may be true of some cats, many things can be true at the same time. Cats are very loving companions and they each have a distinct personality. What may appear to be them claiming all of your space as their own is a sign that they feel safe at home with you. Sometimes it’s the human involved who has to make a few minor changes to successfully incorporate a new kitty into the family.



When you bring your cat home the first thing you do is to take them to their litter box and put them inside it. When they step out of the litter box show them where their food and water is. (These two places should not be next to each other.) That’s it, that is all the training they will need. There should also be a place where they can hide, where a human cannot fit, for as long as they want to hide. (May I suggest a tunnel – it’s perfect for hiding) If you adopted a cat from a shelter, keep in mind that no one knows what their life was like before being rescued. Most cats adopted from shelters need some time before they feel safe in your home and to understand that it is also their home. It may take them a few days to come out of the tunnel and explore their home. Don’t worry, they will come out at night to eat and use the litter box. They will start coming to you and taking a sniff when they are ready. Don’t rush it. They will let you know when it’s ok to pet them. If they sniff you and their head is bent just a bit, that’s your cue to rub their head. Give it time – you can’t rush family.




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