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A Further Thought on Taking Your Cats Outside the Home

A Further Thought on Taking Your Cats Outside the Home

Cats are traditionally pets that remain at home when the rest of their family travels. Depending on the individual cat, this does not always have to be the case. If you have a cat with an adventurous spirit, that doesn’t mind wearing a leash, you just might have your best road “dog” sitting on your lap right now. 


As with moving to a new home, the most important thing is to give your cat a familiar place to hide and rest wherever they are. A Muggins & Bluebelle’s cat tunnel can be assembled and disassembled easily. And because they are flat and narrow when disassembled, they can be stored at the bottom of the trunk of a car without occupying valuable cargo space. You can place as much weight as you want to on top of a flat, disassembled Muggins & Bluebelle’s cat tunnel. The benefit of taking a tunnel with you is to give your cat someplace familiar to hide, play and scratch. And, of course, to sleep. Take kitty’s favorite blanket and toy along for the ride. He or she can sleep in the tunnel and safely hide away until comfortable with the new surroundings. Also, your cat will need something to scratch in the event that the adventure does not go according to plan and kitty becomes anxious, nervous or bored.  Remember, a cat will sometimes show their fear or discontent by using everything but the litter box when nature calls. And they will scratch the furniture, floor and walls if they are bored. A familiar place to hide in can help to prevent fearful behavior appropriate to the situation, but not welcome on your trip. Just think of it as a way to preserve your security deposit while keeping your cat happy when you are on the road.

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