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Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are a perfect place for cats to entertain themselves for hours at a time. They are also intended for cat parents and cat companions to have a fun way to interact with their cats.

Cats are known to enjoy running through and hiding in narrow spaces in which only they can fit. They will find a Cat Play Tunnel where none existed before. They get behind books on shelves, they race behind the sofa, and they make a path between the walls and the drapes. What is sometimes interpreted as destructive behavior is really them just being themselves. Cats will make shortcuts and secret passageways wherever they live. The map of your house is much more complex through the eyes of a cat. What you think are simply houseplants next to a side table are really Play Tunnels For Cats, in disguise. Look around your house and try to see it the way your cat does. Do you have Cat Play Tunnels hidden in plain sight? Or are you a minimalist and have all the good hiding places gone the way of hat stands and grandfather clocks? Or maybe you are tired of having to restack the books and knick-knacks every time they are swatted off the shelves by an errant (or purposeful) tail.

If you do not have any items at home that can double as Play Tunnels For Cats consider getting Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels. They are easy to assemble and are an ideal cat play tunnel. The tunnels are the right size for cats to explore and run through. They will also have another pathway in your house, which is always a plus where a cat is concerned. Most of all, they will get a space to play that belongs to them only. You are welcome to join in the playtime with a toy, by way of an opening in the tunnel. But, you cannot enter. The tunnels are strictly the domain of kitties. You can also make separate tunnels for each cat in your home. If there is a new cat in the home it will be helpful to have separate play areas that are close to each other. As they get to know each other the cats will be able to play separately while still seeing and smelling each other. As they get more comfortable in each other’s presence the tunnels can get closer and closer until they can be connected to form one cat play tunnel.