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Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels can be used as Outdoor Cat Tunnels in certain areas outside of the home. It is recommended that cats be kept indoors for their safety, however, monitored playtime outside is sometimes recommended.

Placing a cat tunnel on a deck, patio, or a cleared section of a backyard will give your cats a resting place when you are outside with them. You can also use an Outdoor Cat Tunnel to safely introduce an indoor cat to the world outside of the house. If a cat has never been outside, before you take him or her out you may want to buy Outdoor Cat Tunnels to give them someplace familiar to go to in their new surroundings.

Outdoor Cat Tunnels are especially useful in the summer months to provide shelter from the sun while enjoying time outside. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are designed so that there can be multiple openings throughout the tunnel. This allows for cats to enter and exit easily but also lets air flow through freely. Ventilation in their outdoor hideaway is very important to prevent respiratory distress when cats are outside. Shelter from the sun is also important to prevent dehydration and any possible solar dermatitis flare-ups.

Buy Outdoor Cat Tunnels to prevent bites from ticks. On a nice day outside your cat may want to lay down and sleep in the sunshine and fresh air. This can be dangerous if he or she lies in the grass, dirt or directly on an in-ground patio. While they lie quietly on the ground, ticks can crawl into their fur and live on cats undetected until given a thorough rub-down or when their fur is combed with a fine-tooth comb. A better option would be to place Outdoor Cat Tunnels strategically so that some sunlight can filter through but the cat is not fully exposed to direct rays. They will also be able to rest outside while lying down on an uncontaminated, tick-free surface.

Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels can be disassembled and reassembled for ease of moving them to different locations. The cat tunnels used indoors can be taken outside for your cats to have their favorite play area available when you are all outside. Once you are done playing with your cats outside, dust the tunnels off and wipe the side that was resting on the ground before taking them back inside. Although the cat tunnels cannot be washed, they can be wiped to remove any dirt that may be stuck to the undersides.