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Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels were made for cats that live indoors. Cats that live primarily inside of a home need interesting spaces to explore and areas of the home that are designated just for them. Cat Tunnels For Indoor Cats fill this need. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Indoor Cat Tunnels, specifically, were designed to be used in any room of a house. They can be configured in straight lines or angled around corners or furniture. These Indoor Cat Tunnels are a favorite hiding place of 100% of cats that have played in them. Cat companions and cat parents report that the moment these Cat Tunnels For Indoor Cats are assembled kitties gravitate to them, go inside to check out their new hideaway, and stay. For a very long time.


Muggins&Bluebelle’s Indoor Cat Tunnels are also a great place for cats to scratch. Scratching is important. Cats have to do this in order to remove the outer husk of their claws. Cats that go outside or live outside use trees as their scratching posts. Indoor cats tend to use furniture for scratching, if an alternative is not provided. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels For Indoor Cats are designed and constructed with scratching in mind. These Indoor Cat Tunnels can be scratched from top to bottom. The bottom and top of the tunnels are interchangeable so when one side is completely scratched simply turn it over and give kitties brand new places to scratch. The beauty of these Cat Tunnels For Indoor Cats is that the scratching takes place on the inside. The exterior of the indoor cat tunnels remains a nicely decorated toy for cats to hide in, scratch all over or play in and around.


Then there is playtime. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Indoor Cat Tunnels provide endless hours of active play for cats. The tunnels can be connected so that they form a continuous tunnel with openings at each end. Or, spaces can be created throughout the tunnels to allow kitties to run out of or into the tunnels at various points along the tunnels. This feature is especially useful for households with multiple cats. When more than one cat is using the Cat Tunnels For Indoor Cats each can exit quickly should they need some distance from another cat in the tunnel. Conversely, if more than one cat wants to play in the tunnel at the same time there is enough room and tunnel segments for each cat to have their very own portion of the tunnel.