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Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels can be assembled and disassembled easily. They are designed so that any number of segments can be attached to lengthen the tunnel and to create an infinite number of configurations. They are Collapsible Cat Tunnels in that each segment can be detached from other segment(s) to which it is attached, folded flat, and stored when not in use. When disassembled and folded flat each segment returns to its original packaged size and dimensions.

Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels maintain their shape whether assembled or disassembled. Unlike cylindrical tunnels they do not roll around when in use. The rolling motion of cylindrical tunnels can scare some cats and discourages their use of those tunnels. The floor of the Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels is a flat surface so it is easier for cats to navigate than a cylindrical tunnel. Yes, cats tend to walk like models, putting one paw in front of the other. But there is still space between their paws when they step so that they maintain their balance. They need more than a paw’s width of space in order to walk comfortably. A paw’s width is all they get in a cylindrical tunnel. Cats can move around in and sleep on a flat surface much easier than in and on a rounded one.

Being collapsible cat tunnels means that when these tunnels are disassembled they stay flat and do not spring back into their assembled form. Cylindrical tunnels need to be tied in order to be collapsed and put away. If not done properly they will open up and return to their assembled state. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels stay collapsed when they are disassembled. No extra ties or tools are needed when it is time to put them away. Simply unhook the tabs from the holes to which they are connected then flatten the tunnel segment. Ease of disassembly and reassembly means that you will be more inclined to move the cat tunnels to many locations in your home. You can easily move these tunnels to where your cat most wants to play in them or to their favorite room to sleep in at the end of the day.

Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are also made of a material that cats love. They cannot scratch or bite nylon tunnels but these tunnels were made for what they love to do. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels can be scratched and bitten all over. They are the ultimate interactive cat toy.