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Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are an ideal place for kitties to snooze. It can be their main sleeping spot or their number one day-napping choice. Ideal for hiding and playing in, these tunnels convert into a Cat Tunnel Bed the moment your cat lays his or her head down and dozes off. If your cat chooses to spend most of their sleeping hours in their Cat Tunnel Bed consider keeping sections of the tunnel closed to give them their privacy. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are designed so that there are multiple entry and exit points throughout the tunnel. These entrances and exits can be closed to give your cat a safe place to sleep where they can be completely hidden. Also, depending on the individual cat, a blanket or favorite item of clothing can be placed in the cat bed tunnel for kitty to sink into and get comfy when sleeping. There is also enough space to add a favorite toy if your cat likes to snuggle up to a stuffed animal while they sleep.

Buy Cat Tunnel Bed for kitties new to the home. They will appreciate the enclosed space for sleeping until they get fully accustomed to their new surroundings. For a home with multiple cats, it is often necessary to have many alternate sleeping locations. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels can be configured so that the segments are angled to create two or more cat tunnel beds, ninety degrees apart. In this way two, three or four cats can share the same tunnel while still having individual areas to rest.

Cat Bed Tunnels are also very useful if you have a cat that likes to sleep but also has a need to keep track of your movement. If your cat likes to stay with you while you do chores or other work but you do those things during their scheduled nap times, assemble a cat tunnel bed for them. They will be able to monitor your activities while having a quiet place to distance themselves from any commotion you create. You will also know where they are so you do not inadvertently step on them while you move around. Muggins&Bluebelle’s Cat Tunnels are brightly colored so you can’t miss them. Buy a cat tunnel bed for every room of your house so kitties will have a quiet escape no matter what you are working on at home.